How to Set Up a Windowsill Herb Garden

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If you are an avid home chef or a dedicated foodie, you know the difference fresh herbs can make. When you cook with fresh herbs, you get the best possible taste, without all the drying and processing that comes with the supermarket variety.

Buying fresh herbs is one option, but it can be an expensive one. If you are blessed with local farmer's markets, you may be able to pick up some in-season herbs, but otherwise you will have to rely on expensive grocery store produce to satisfy your culinary needs.

Setting up your own hydroponic herb garden is a better, and cheaper, alternative to both cheap processed herbs from the spice aisle and expensive fresh herbs from the produce section. Establishing your own hydroponic garden and growing your own fresh herbs is not as difficult as you might think. Once that hydroponic herb garden is up and running, you may find that your thumb is greener than you thought.

The great thing about a home herb garden is that you do not need much space to set it up. If you have a spare windowsill in a sunny location, you already have the foundation you need for a flourishing herb garden.

You can purchase pre-made herb garden kits designed to fit in your chosen windowsill, but making your own is even more fun. Making a windowsill herb garden is not as hard as you might think —all you need is the right materials and some spare time.

You will need to gather a few supplies before you begin, starting with the herb seeds and/or seedlings. Starting fresh herbs from seeds takes longer, but it is very rewarding. Just choose the seeds or plants you want and get ready to enjoy your favorite meals.

You will also need suitably sized containers to hold those plants or seedlings, along with waterproof saucers to put underneath. The final thing you will need is a supply of potting soil for seedlings or seed-starting mix for fresh herb seeds.

The easiest way to establish your windowsill herb garden is to simply fill the individual pots with soil or seed starting mix, place the seeds or plants in place and sit them on their waterproof saucers. It is best to give each herb its own pot, since that will allow you to tailor the care to the specific needs of that plant. Every herb needs different levels of watering and care, so read the instructions on the seed packet or seedling container carefully and follow them to the letter.

If you want to create a fancier herb garden, you can place the individual pots inside a homemade wooden box. Just be sure each herb has plenty of space to grow, and that the design you choose does not interfere with the amount of sunlight the finished garden receives.

Once your herb garden is in place and growing, you can simply watch and wait for your favorite flavors to appear. If you provide proper care and keep a close eye on your plants, your new herb garden should supply an endless array of culinary ingredients, all courtesy of your own windowsill.

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